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Ladies I Now Present….

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For The Boys Blog Hop

Here it is the ultimate boy quilt that you to can whip up for your little prince charming.


For this quilt you will need

-one jelly roll of Riley Blake Scoot

-1 1/2 yards of white cotton solid

-1 yard of binding fabric of your choice

-2 yards of backing

-Crib size batting

Ok now that we got all the things you will need out of the way lets get started.

-First thing first take all your jelly roll strips and cut them into 8 inch pieces.

-than cut your white fabric into 3 inch buy 36 strips

Thats it for cutting for now, crazy easy huh! I knew you could do it!

Now brush off that dust on your sewing machine and lets begin….

You can arrange your strips into any order you would like I match colors to colors so it would look cohesive to the eye when finished. What every you like, the goal of this is….Just have fun.

Sort your strips into 25 piles of four and sew four strips to equal one block, than continue this process for a total of 25 finished blocks. Than I know I hate this part to…press your sea 4

Next step your rows.

You will now make 5 rows of 5 with the blocks you just made to look like this. Everyone still with me. Great believe it or not were almost done.

Now grab those white strips we cut and get ready..

Sew one of the white right sides together to both the top and bottom of on strip blocks you created.Now sew a strip to the bottom of your white strip…and continue till all 5 strip segments  are attached with a white strip in between and bottom…

photo 2

Now Your quilt top is done, take a breath…Iron those seems, and lets finish this up.

Take out that batting and backing trim both sou your top and your batting are all square and pin that thing like crazy…

Than quilt to your desired preference, I choose to stay withing the ditch because of how busy the quilt is all ready.

One more step, cut your binding fabric into 2.5″ strips and create your bias tape.

Wow your done. That was so much fun!!! Congrats and I hope your boy or in my case boys love it!!!Thanks for visting

photo 6